Atlas logistic industry predictions for 2019
We've analyzed coming tendencies in logistics and made some predictions for the next year. There are five main points that he picked out:
1. Crowdsource - creating a dynamic pool of carriers. Example of this tendency is the start of Amazon logistics and Spark delivery of Wallmart. Demand is changing and consumers want more delivery opportunities from suppliers, that's why new dimensions that operate with not several but with 100 and even 1000 contractors will develop.

2. Collaboration (integration) - big amount of participants creates the necessity of real-time data exchange for increasing speed and quality of service from farmer to consumer's table - as a result, we need common integrative model between all participants.

3. Artificial intelligence and machine learning - complicated systems demand new algorithms. Both AI and machine learning allow significantly increase effectiveness. Now, this concerns planning and routing, in future - systems will turn into 4PL.

4. LaaS - logistics as service. There is all the more interest from producers in full-cycle service of delivery process (from manufacturing to the door). Great example – the success of Flexport.

5. Digitizing - logistics is a very conservative sphere and the process of new technologies penetration goes very slow. In 2019 we may see exceedance of complicated data exchange over simple (GPS tracking) for the first time. There will be more and more autopilots and interactions between machines but not between people, robots are coming - as an example launch of automized Ocado warehouse.

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