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How to deserve millennials loyalty?

"Only 19 percent of millennials believe that others <companies> can be trusted, compared with 40 percent of boomers and 31 percent of generation Xers, finds a recent Pew study. This widespread mistrust in organizations and individuals has led to an increased demand for transparency and traceability at every level. Millennials want to know exactly where their goods and services are coming from, how they will be transported, and the exact time they will arrive."
"Why Millennials Deserve Our Attention"
12/10/2018, Inbound Logistics

Importance of returns policy optimization

"Last year, total merchandise returns cost US retailers a staggering $351 billion in lost sales. With e-Commerce return rates as high as 30%, that number will only climb as online retail becomes the default choice for convenience-craving customers.<...> Despite growing concerns, many retailers see free and flexible return policies as an essential part of staying competitive — ignoring (for now) the risk that this billion-dollar "ticking time bomb" might one day go off."
"Rise Of Returns: How Retail Can Combat Its $351 Billion Problem"
01/28/2019, Retail Touchpoints

Route optimization and sustainability

"From a sustainability standpoint, route optimization is the big winner. Obviously, load consolidation means fewer trucks on the road to deliver the same freight, which is important as far as carbon emissions. But with route optimization, companies can use algorithms to determine the most efficient route for every truck on the road, from, cross-country deliveries to the final mile. By determining the absolute ideal route for each truck, shippers are able to reduce their fuel costs and their miles significantly; with backhaul optimization, deadhead miles can also be reduced so trucks are not just carrying air to their next destination. Reducing miles and fuel consumption is a key part of supply chain sustainability."
"Five Initiatives for Supply Chain Sustainability"
01/31/2019, Logistics Viewpoints

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