Current logistics trends from business mass media
We've analyzed latest publications in business media and pick out news and thoughts that might be interesting for those who are interested in logistics and e-commerce.
  • "The digital supply chain works with a control tower at the centre <...>. And it is key to collaborate within that ecosystem."
    "Automation: sometimes it feels like the start", Logistics Manager, 03/20/2019

  • "Rethinking inventory placement is key to gaining a competitive advantage. Networks are shifting from one or two big central distribution centers to multiple distribution centers closer to the customer allowing goods to get to them faster—which is now a key differentiator."

  • "There's a lot of noise in the media <...> that automated trucks are going to be here tomorrow and everyone's going to be out of work," said Robert Brown, director of public affairs for Tucson, Ariz.-based TuSimple. "I can assure you that a young person going into trucking today will retire a truck driver, if he or she wants it. The technology really, truly is amazing. I always tell people we can handle the freeways, but we can't handle the infinite number of things that you all do on a daily basis"
    "Even Tech Companies Say, 'There Are Always Going to Be Truck Drivers'", Transport Topics, 03/29/2019

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