Current logistics trends from business mass media
We've analyzed latest publications in business media and pick out news and thoughts that might be interesting for those who are interested in logistics and e-commerce.

"Last mile emphasizes the customer's vision of the company. It triggers post-purchase behaviors, reinforces overall satisfaction, and embeds the perception of the company in the mind of the customer. Their point of contact with their Last Mile agent becomes representative of the company as a whole, and can set off the loyalty loop that encourages them to continue to use our services in future purchases."
"The Logistics Last Mile: How Sellers Can Make it a Strength and not a Setback" 05/16/19, Inbound Logistics

"When evaluating a track & trace supplier, I would ask one question: "How will you help me create strategies that will provide me with a competitive advantage?" If they can't answer and show you how their system is going to make the data actionable, find a different provider."
"What to Look for in Real-Time Track & Trace", 04/17/2019, Inbound Logistics

"Your customers aren't all the same; so offer a variety of delivery options to help drive profitability and let them self-select. There is no reason to have every product, especially unprofitable ones, receive the same service level that your money-makers do.
So incentize customers to take more profitable delivery options and increase your margins."
"How Logistics Technology Can Help E-commerce Companies Clean up Their 'CRaP'", 03/12/19, Entrepreneur

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