Current logistics trends from business mass media
We've analyzed latest publications in business media and pick out news and thoughts that might be interesting for those who are interested in logistics and e-commerce.

"Selecting the best carriers for every contracted move can save 2% to 5% of freight spend."
"Choosing a TMS: How to Make the Right Move", Inbound Logistics, 05/31/2019

"This year's research on the warehouse automation market shows (once again) that the fulfillment requirements from the ongoing, widespread growth in e-commerce continues to be the most prevalent factor stimulating growth in demand for warehouse automation and control systems."
"Status Update: Warehouse Automation Market", Logistics Viewpoints, 06/12/2019

"The resulting Trade Trends Survey Report, How Are Companies Using Technology to Address Global Trade Woes, unearths some key findings:
- 71% of shippers are considering cloud-based data management technologies
- 55% are seeking supply chain technology as a means to fix global sourcing and product quality issues
- 47% are accelerating their technology adoption
- Only 12% believe that their systems are fully connected""
"Is Your Supply Chain Fully Connected?", Logistics Management", 05/23/2019

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