Every tenth British returns purchased clothes to the stores after posting photo with new outfit on Instagram
Our CEO and founder Oleg Kraus made comments on this disputable and up-to-date topic to the website Shopolog.ru.
Return of every tenth purchase in UK is nothing, comparing to margin generated by retailers through customer-friendly options. UK market goes through its boom due to internet sales. According to annual report IRUK 2018, around 30% of UK retail is already in online and over 40% of sales are effected from mobile devices. Retailers are investing to IT technologies and as a result became able to provide their customers with fantastically convenient service.

As UK market players we can see that nowadays online shopping is much more comfortable than in-store. There are 2-hours delivery from order to door, opportunity to fit and return clothes, option to change time and place of delivery, live-contact with brand via mobile device and so on.

Thanks to IT solutions, sales and delivery are organized so effectively that retailer loses almost nothing on such returns. Gain of companies providing innovative service increases to 3% during 2017, EBITDA – up to 5%. That is higher than average index on market. One of our clients from TOP-100 e-com of the UK reached 87% of repeat purchases and its returns costs decreased on 28% after Atlas Delivery launch.

Moreover, retailers learn to monetize similar cases. For example, they launch clothes rent, or trying to reduce such cases with help of virtual fitting rooms. Such technology is, for instance, tested by Inditex: "try on" clothes online and make photo for Instagram after Atlas Delivery launch.

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