Introducing Karma – internal rating for all participants of your logistic system.
You have dozens of contractors and you need to choose best. How will you make it? What is more important: price, transport condition, quality of delivery, qualified drivers ?…
Get rid of complicated choices based on intangible characteristics. Choose KARMA!
So, we launched Karma – internal rating for all participants of your logistic system. Rating of every participant is composed automatically and is built on dozens of parameters. This rating impacts the number of tasks that this participant would receive in the future. Did driver deliver exactly in the delivery slot? Did he notify the customer about arriving in advance? Did he complete delivery confirmation correctly? According to this information he receives pluses in Karma – internal rating would grow automatically and the system would send him more orders under task distribution. Does warehouse delay loading process for hours? Do warehouse's staff complete tasks incorrectly? The whole warehouse receives minuses in Karma. In future, this will impact on choosing this warehouse and distribution of loading volumes. Rating of every separate employee builds the common rating of the contractor.

Karma – is the absolutely transparent system of choosing performers and controlling them. The system allows to value and improve the work quality not only of separate employees and hubs but also the whole logistics system. This means that your customer will get the highest delivery service. So his and your dreams will come true.

No more headaches and difficult choices.

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