Leave rivals behind by delivering orders on time? Yes!
Increase repeat purchases in 2.5 times, reduce logistics costs on 30%+ and free dozens of working hours for business development - reasons why companies optimize and automate logistics with Atlas Delivery IT-system.
Retail business has come to global changes. Transition to online consumption forces companies to transform their logistics processes. Uberisation and youthification of audience form strict demands for quality of services. Customers expect accurate and transparent delivery. Otherwise, 67%* of them wouldn't make purchase again.

Ineffective logistics reduces profit and destroy all strivings put in pre-sale. In the nearest future companies will have the only choice: begin to organize flexible and convenient delivery or leave the market. In order to solve this complicated task they need modern, high-tech and sustainable IT-solution.

Atlas is such solution - cloud-based system that helps to manage logistics processes. Atlas allows to automate and optimize every delivery stage: verify orders, set up customized routes, appoint drivers and couriers, provide business and client with opportunity to track delivery performance online, forecast issues and warn about delays in advance, simplify workflows due to digital delivery proof: photo, digital clients signature, location of unloading.

Atlas is perfect for logistics management both inside B2C, and B2B companies. It is perfect for companies with own fleet and contractors and for businesses that have from 100 to 10 000 orders per day. Atlas users receive one workspace with different levels of access: the portal for managers, carriers, logistics managers, operators, warehouses staff, the mobile application for drivers and track'n'trace for clients.

Using Atlas, business reduces logistics costs, controls all processes and prevents major forces, widens customer base and increases the amount of orders. With help of inside rating system business always chooses best carriers and performers, gets optimal rates, managing inside auctions, effectively operates part-delivery.

Atlas doesn't demand long-term integration. Atlas - is a kit-solution, that completely adapts to business. Atlas is Microsoft Azure partner providing guaranteed high SLAs 98,9%.

You'll provide your customers with range of different delivery options and they'll respond you with good rating and reviews on Trustpilot (as happened with our UK client).

Pilot setup: 3-5 weeks.

Now, we are almost sure, that you want to learn more – just easily request our demo

* - according to Data Insight, Grotem, National Association of distant trade.

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