Atlas Delivery mission
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Logistics is quite conservative sphere. It's automaton started in 90-s, and during last 10-15 years ecommerce launched the new wave – address B2C delivery. Goods are eventually delivered to houses. However, it is turned out that this transformation is still remaining complicated for solid retailers but seems easier for young players.

Atlas makes delivery processes transparent. We are trying to manage customers' expectations. It becomes more comfortable to consume and it becomes more convenient to buy online than to go shopping.

Stumbling rock that slow down this transition to global ecommerce is trust. Our grandparents trusted their gardens, parents trusted stores. We will stop go to the shops when we begin to trust.

Atlas is about trust. It is real response to customers' expectations.
We struggle for optimization, quality and satisfaction.

We have strong ambitious team of like-minded professionals. Experienced, but young and flexible to new markets' requirements.
developing B2C deliveries platform based on mobility
first version of B2B deliveries platform based on GPS fleet management systems
Take a look at this historical perspective:
launched an uber-like collaborative cloud for B2B deliveries for top-30 global food retailer
launched first project on B2C platform in the UK
started developing platform 2.0 and created new brand
Our main purpose is not to automate certain feature, we look at the process at large. We are monitoring order's lifecycle on behalf of the consumer.

Business can't exist without a customer. Our project brings their positions together and help to build long-term cooperation.