People of Atlas

We've decided to make a series of articles about our wonderful team members. We asked them to answer 6 questions about themselves. We really think that our team is our treasure and would like to introduce it to the audience:)
Our first hero is Elizabeth Fox, head of accounting and support in Atlas.

1. Where did you learn how to do those things you do in Atlas?

I've got basic experience at my previous workplaces at banking and global food retail industries. Atlas is an innovative project, so there are a lot of things I had to learn during the working process.

2. Your life motto:

Courage is sexy

3. What do you do in the company in order to make a revolution in logistics?

I help users to understand, what we have created and how to use it. I help clients to get satisfied with the results of this usage:) Every day I go through all the difficulties with clients, help them to solve tasks here and now. So each customer's project is like my own :)

4. What motivates you to struggle with difficulties every day?


5. What tasks are your favorite? What do you like in your job most of all?

Work on concepts and strategies, making invoices and helping our clients to achieve outstanding results and receiving relevant reward :)

6. How do you spend your leisure time? How do you switch over: movies, hobby, music?

I am learning Norwegian and trying to cook like Gordon Ramsay. I like to knit cute presents for my friends (socks, hats, scarfs) and read books.

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