People of Atlas

We've decided to make a series of articles about our wonderful team members. We asked them to answer 6 questions about themselves. We really think that our team is our treasure and would like to introduce it to the audience:)
Our next hero is Mark Tkachenko, back-end developer in Atlas.

1. Where did you learn how to do those things you do in Atlas?

I am self-educated in programming because I am studied for telecommunication engineer. Now I continue my IT-education at the master course.

2. Your life motto:

It is easy to live if you are a mad man

3. What do you do in the company in order to make a revolution in logistics?

I am a back-end developer, I create micro-services (like Karma and Track and Trace), that compose parts of our logistic system

4. What motivates you to struggle with difficulties every day?

Presence of these difficulties motivates me to struggle them.

5. What tasks are your favorite? What do you like in your job most of all?

Complicated tasks, that are not so easy to solve, by first sight. Solving these tasks really makes me happy.

6. How do you spend your leisure time? How do you switch over: movies, hobby, music?

Programming and programming:) books about programming, movies, and music.

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