People of Atlas

We've decided to make a series of articles about our wonderful team members. We asked them to answer 6 questions about themselves. We really think that our team is our treasure and would like to introduce it to the audience:)
Our next hero is Olga Kazakova, project manager in Atlas.

1. Where did you learn how to do those things you do in Atlas?

We had problems with deadlines at my previous workplace (where I worked as an analyst), so I had to take a part of responsibilities in project management. It occurred, that I enjoyed this work more than analytics. Moreover, it is really easier to keep balance in deadlines having both experiences.

2. Your life motto:

Solve at least one case per day (at work, in private life - doesn't matter)

3. What do you do in the company in order to make a revolution in logistics?

I am trying to make a release process for developers and customers more transparent.
Only when you can combine a clear release process for new features and support of old functionality simultaneously, business processes of a client would not be blocked.

4. What motivates you to struggle with difficulties every day?

Fast feedback. Here you don't need to wait for a year or two to get feedback from the client.

5. What tasks are your favorite? What do you like in your job most of all?

Release before 12 p.m.! This means that the whole work before deployment went well.
I enjoy work with the team, we are always trying to hear all opinions and as a result, we create cool features and client service.

6. How do you spend your leisure time? How do you switch over: movies, hobby, music?

When I have an exhausting day at work, I am trying to go for a walk in the evening. During these long walks thoughts stop being chaotic, stress goes away, solutions are born. When I have spare time, I prefer excursions, modern ballet, musicals, and rock concerts.

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