Track & Trace – an essential component of future logistics
Having researched dozens of customers reviews on delivery, we realized that in 80% of cases customers need a simple thing: they want to know where their order is. We are happy to present our updated Track & Trace - the simplest tool preventing customers' questions on every delivery stage providing a new level of customer service.
There is some information about it in 5 questions:

>What is Atlas Track & Trace?

Track & Trace is an Atlas Delivery tool, which allows the customer to track an order location online and provides full information about the order status. With Track & Trace your customer can contact retailer or courier directly, manage their order easily, rate the service and give an instant feedback on delivery and not only this.

> How does it work?

A customer gets an SMS with a link to the web page of their order containing actual info:
estimated arrival time, order items, accessible payment method, FAQ, opportunity to connect directly to the company or courier, convenient feedback option and the most important one: customer can track the order location on the map online 30 minutes earlier the arrival time. There is no need to download any applications or fill any forms. It is simple to use!

>What does the retailer get?

It is our favorite part – benefits that the retailer gets with Track & Trace option. First of all, it is delivery quality control. In a month, you will reveal problem couriers and the way they communicate with their customers. Track & Trace provides direct communication with the client when the retailer receives their customers' feedback directly. Retailer saves their call-center time due to customers' calls frequency reduction. Client sees where their courier's exact location is, so they won't miss time when the courier arrives. This makes your customers calm and happy. The couriers do their work. The business saves time and costs. Your company provides a premium service to customers.

>Why customers will love Atlas Track & Trace?

The customer will fall in love with our Track'n'Trace as they get an absolutely transparent delivery process, without nerve-racking and wasted time. They can pay and cancel the order in one click, control order items, plan their time and save it on calls. They get an easy way of feedback or review. Furthermore, it is simply amusing to track your courier on the map!

>What are the results in a week pilot?

We are happy to present you some figures:
In a week pilot:
  • the amount of calls on the current order status reduces by ~ 54%
  • search and waiting time for the customer decreases by ~ 27%
  • feedback amount increases from 5% to 32%
All in all it helps to reveal problem couriers and adjust the delivery process.

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